The Champagne Ham Party Box


This is a very easy way of supplying a catered lunch or light dinner, especially if you need to travel to your destination. Everything is boxed and ready to serve up. 

2kg Sliced free-range glazed Champagne Ham, served with mayo, wholegrain mustard & chutney.
2 Medium Catering Salads of your choice.
15 Wild Wheat Ciabatta fresh bread rolls with butter.
A Bite-size Sweet Selection. A 40-piece selection of our famous sweet slices.
All cutlery, napkins & plates are: OPTIONAL - PLEASE SELECT IF YOU REQUIRE THEM.

The choice of salads is (please choose 2):

ARABIAN NIGHTS: Roasted baby carrot, beetroot, butternut, za’atar, buckwheat, parsley, & mint with a Tahini Whip. VEGAN | GF | DF | EF | CONTAINS: NUTS (ALMONDS) & SESAME SEEDS

BRIGHT BEETS: beetroot roasted in fresh orange juice & chilli flakes, with French puy lentils, radicchio, cavolo nero, Italian Parsley, mint & red onion topped with toasted pistachio. Served with Apple Cider Dressing & a Natural Yoghurt Drizzle. VEGETARIAN | EF | DF | CONTAINS NUTS (PISTACHIOS)

GREENIE CANNELLINI: Creamy cannellini beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts & green beans roasted in a herby marinade. Mixed with cavolo Nero, baby spinach, parsley, chives. Topped with crispy fried sage leaves, and shaved Parmesan. Served with a Feta whip. VEGETARIAN | DF | NF | EF | CONTAINS DAIRY

CHORIZO & CHIMICHURRI PASTA SALAD: Roasted tomatoes, chorizo, red onion, kalamata olives & capers. With pasta tossed in Extra Vigan Olive Oil & Chimichurri sauce, cavolo nero, baby spinach & parsley. Chimichurri is a vibrant green Argentinian herb sauce made from parsley, coriander, oregano, fresh chillies, garlic, olive oil & red wine vinegar. | DF | EF | CONTAINS PORK (free-range hand made Chorizo Sausages) & GLUTEN (WHEAT FLOUR)

MUMBAI CAULIFLOWER SALAD: cauliflower & chickpeas roasted in Indian chaat masala spice mix, baby spinach, coriander, mint, toasted long thread coconut & sesame seeds. Served with a creamy Vegan Lemony Coconut Dressing. VEGAN | GF | EF | DF | NF | CONTAINS SESAME SEEDS

VERDANT WINTER CRUNCH: Shredded green cabbage & cavolo nero, fresh granny smith apples, shaved fennel, rocket, Italian parsley, chives. Balsamic roasted nuts & seed mix. Parsley caper dressing. GF | VEGAN | EF | DF | CONTAINS NUTS (WALNUTS & ALMONDS )

GREEN WINTER LEAVES: A mixture of wild rocket, baby spinach, shredded carrot cavalo nero & kale leaves, herbs, and mixed sprouts with our delicious maple cider dressing. VEGAN | GF | DF | NF | EF

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