Morning Baking

Mixed Morning Baking Boxed : 2x Cinnamon Sugar Brioches, 2x Savoury Brioches, 2x Date & Citrus Scones & 2x Cheesy Savoury Scones. Served with butter. (8 Standard sized pieces, serves 8 to 16 people)

Mixed Mini Brioche Boxed: 4x Mini Cinnamon Sugar Brioche, 4 x Mini Savoury Brioche.

Mixed Mini Scones Boxed: 4x Mini Date & Citrus Scones, 4x Mini Cheesy Savoury Scones. Served with butter. 

Gluten-free Savoury Muffins Boxed: 4x Deliciously cheesy gluten-free savoury muffins topped with our nut-free sundried tomato pesto. Served with butter. Contains nuts 

Individual Serve: Cinnamon & savoury brioche or cheese & herb, date & citrus scone + gluten free savoury muffin  

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