Freezer Meals

Our delicious freezer meals are made in our kitchens at Richmond Rd in small batches. They are pure comfort food, we have lots of tasty options for the whole family. All our meals can be heated from frozen, making them perfect for those nights when the thought of cooking anything has you frazzled. We also have a lovely range of soups for those stuck at home feeling unwell - our Made With Love Chicken Soups, or Green Goodness Soups are perfect immunity-boosting soups, & our Bone Broth is award-winning. 

Please note: due to our busy catering deliveries taking priority over our delivery times, all freezer meals will be delivered when a driver is in your area - sometime between 8.30 and 2.30pm on the date you have picked for delivery. WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY OF FREEZER MEALS AT THE DESIRED TIME YOU HAVE PICKED ON THE  "TIME PICKER" ON THE WEBSITE.