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Baked Salmon: Individual portions of marinated baked salmon fillets are approx 120g - Marinades & toppings vary daily

Festive Catering Salmon:
Whole Side of Hot Smoked In Manuka: with maple, lemon and fennel. Feeds 12 - 16 people
Whole Side of Side of Baked Marinated Salmon: with a Pomegranate Salsa: tomato, herbs, honey, lemon, pomegranate seeds & molasses topped with toasted almond flakes & fresh mint - A whole fillet of salmon feeds 12 - 16 people 

Glazed Champagne Ham: Glazed in Boozy Honey Mustard - Sliced 200g Portions - Serves 1

Festive Catering Hams: all served with Mustard, Chutney & Aoli - With your choice of glaze.
Catering Champagne Ham Whole Cob (Free-range from Freedom Farms)
Catering Champagne Half Cob (Free-range from Freedom Farms) 
Grilled Free-range Chicken Breast: In Greek Lemon, Thyme & Honey Marinade - Minimum order of 10 ($13.00 each)

Whole Eye Fillet: Marinated in Garlic, Herbs & Olive Oil - served with Red Wine & Balsamic Reduction. Cooked medium-rare. Let us know if you would like it sliced or unsliced in the notes section of the cart.

Vegan Tofu: Individual portions of Vegan Organic Tofu - marinated in sriracha, soy & ginger are approx 120g

Allergen Info: Marinades are always Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free - May Contain - Sulphites (Vinegar, mustard, soy)

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