Whole Filo Pies, Frittatas & Quiches ❤️

A selection of delicious whole filo pies, frittatas & quiches. All our whole pies, frittatas & quiches feed 12 people.

Bacon & Egg Pie: a Kiwi classic loaded with free-range bacon, tomato, red onion, cheese, peas & herbs baked in a creamy egg custard. Served with chutney. Allergen Info: Nut-free - Contains - Gluten - Dairy - Eggs - Sulphites (Bacon & vinegar in the chutney)

Spanikopita - Classic Greek Filo Pie: loaded with spinach, feta, red onion, garlic, rosemary & creamy egg custard wrapped in layers of buttery flaky filo. Allergen Info: Nut-free - Contains - Gluten - Dairy 

Seasonal Veggie Frittata: is loaded with seasonal vegetables (no carbs).             This wholesome frittata is made using rice milk & free-range eggs. Served with chutney. Allergen Info: Gluten-free - Dairy-free - Diabetic friendly - Contains - Egg - Sulphites (vinegar in the chutney)

French Ham Quiche: Free-range ham baked in a creamy egg custard. Served with chutney Allergen Info: Nut-free - Contains - Dairy - Gluten - Eggs - Pork - Sulphites (in vinegar in the chutney)


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