Catering Salads ❤️

Ripe is famous for its delicious salads.

Lunch Tub - serves 1 - Minimum order of 4 per flavour
Gourmet Deluxe Bowl - serves 2 
Medium Catering Salad Bowl - serves 6 to 12
Large Catering Salad Bowl - serves 12 to 24

MOROCCAN CARROT SALAD With carrot, dates, cavolo nero, parsley, coriander, mint & almond dukkah with preserved lemon & sumac dressing. - Contains NUTS - GF/DF/VEGAN

POMEGRANATE & BEETS SUMMER SLAW  With pomegranate, red cabbage, beetroot, red quinoa, rocket, cavolo nero, mint, parsley, freeze-dried blueberries, feta, caramelised walnuts & our Raw Energy Dressing. - Contains NUTS & DAIRY - GF 

NEW POTATO SALAD With new season baby potatoes with capers, herbs, wild rocket & gherkins, green herb dressing with Vegan herby mayo on the side. - GF/DF/NF/VEGAN

SPANISH ROOTS SALAD With roasted root vegetables, spinach, cavolo nero, puy lentils, toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds. Served with a smoky paprika dressing & our delicious feta whip. Contains Dairy - GF/NF

GARDEN GREEN SALAD With sprouts, crunchy bean mix, cucumber curls, avocado, heirloom & cherry tomatoes, summer salad leaves with a cider dressing  - GF/DF/ NF/VEGAN


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