Morning Baking Selection 🌱

Our morning baking sells out fast so please please Pre-Order the night before.

A Mixed Box Morning Baking: A delicious mixed selection of our morning baking: e.g. one of each flavour - Cinnamon Sugar Brioche, Savoury Brioche, Date & Citrus Scone & Cheesy Savoury SconeΒ 
A Mixed Box of Brioche: 2 Savoury Brioche & 2 Cinnamon BriocheΒ 
A Mixed Box of Scones: 2 Cheesy Savoury Scones & 2 Date & Citrus Scones

Or single options are available as well.

Special Brioche:
Nutella Brioche filled with chocolate and hazelnuts
Brioche Croque MonsieurΒ filled with free-range ham & cheese


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