A Ripe Xmas Feast

Xmas Feasts sell out fast, so book yours in today! 

On Xmas Eve our Xmas feasts are available for PICK-UP ONLY!

For those who have ordered Feasts to pick up on Xmas Eve - please be aware that we close the shop at 1.00pm on the 24th of December.

If you have chosen a time slot after 1pm on the website, we will call and arrange an earlier time for pickup. Also please don't be late for pickup as it is our busiest day of the year (but don't be too early either as you will have to wait haha 😂 ).

The Ripe Christmas Feast consists of your choice of Glazed Champagne Ham, Smoked or Baked Salmon, or Eye Fillet plus a selection of 3 medium salads, finished with one of our delicious festive desserts.

They are designed for consumption on the day of collection or the next day. The Salads are undressed, with dressing provided on the side to retain freshness & the proteins are to be enjoyed at room temperature.

If you wish for the protein portion of your feast to be ready for you to cook, so you can enjoy it straight out of your own oven. Let us know & our chefs can organize this on request & provide cooking instructions - please let us know in the "Notes Section" of the cart.


Half a Freedom Farms Free-range  Champagne Ham - Glazed & baked 
- Served with condiments - Whole Grain Mustard, Aoli and chutney
With Ham Glaze: Boozy Whiskey Honey Mustard Marmalade

SALMON FEAST - Feeds 15+
Whole NZ King Salmon Fillet - raised in the Marlborough sounds
With your choice of either: 
- HOT SMOKED - Smoked In Manuka: with maple, lemon and fennel
- BAKED - POMEGRANATE SALSA - Baked in a divine pomegranate
marinade topped with a festive salsa of tomato, herbs, honey, lemon,
pomegranate seeds & molasses with toasted almond flakes & fresh

Grass-fed Hawkes Bay Raised Whole Beef Eye fillet 
Marinated in: Herb & Garlic with Red Wine & Balsamic Reduction

Please choose 3 Salads - NOTE: you can choose any combination of the salads - just let us know in the "Notes Section" of the cart which combination of salads you would like.

SWEET SUMMER BEETS: Slow-roasted candied beets, bulgur wheat, maple walnuts, cavolo nero, wild rocket, herbs, feta & freeze-dried blueberries. Served with our Raw Energy Pomegranate Dressing. VEGETARIAN - CONTAINS: GLUTEN | DAIRY | NUTS

HEIRLOOM PASTA W/ ROMESCO: Orzo pasta, heirloom tomatoes, roasted capsicum, zucchini ribbons, summer herbs, cavolo nero, spinach, with Romesco Sauce. VEGAN | EF | DF | CONTAINS GLUTEN & NUTS

FRENCH KISS: Slow-roasted eggplant, olives, zucchini, capsicums with fresh heirloom tomatoes, sweet cherry tomatoes, spinach, rocket, summer herbs. Served with Green Caper Dressing. VEGAN | GF | DF | NF | EF

MOROCCAN CHICKPEA CRUNCH: Paprika spiced roasted chickpeas, carrot, beetroot, dates, toasted seeds, dukkah, kale & cavolo nero, summer herbs
with our Moroccan Preserved Lemon Dressing. VEGAN | GF | DF | EF | CONTAINS NUTS

SPICY JALAPENO CORN CHOP CHOP: Char-grilled corn, fresh avocado, red & green cabbage, baby spinach, capsicum, cucumber, paprika toasted seeds & coriander with a divine creamy Jalapeno, lime & cashew dressing. VEGAN | GF | DF | EF | CONTAINS NUTS

GREEN GOODNESS: Turmeric infused buckwheat with broccolini, edamame, peas, green beans or asparagus (seasonal), mint, parsley, rocket, avocado & seeds. Served with our green goodness dressing. VEGAN | GF | DF | NF | EF

CLASSIC NEW BABY POTATO: Baby potatoes, green beans, asparagus (seasonal), rocket, dill, parsley, mint, gherkins, spring onions & crispy capers. With a Creamy Caper Vegan Mayo. VEGAN | GF | DF | NF | EF

Please choose 1 Dessert

A sweet vanilla-scented baked cheesecake tart topped with whipped mascarpone, strawberries, topped with crushed meringue, pistachio & freeze-dried berries.

SUMMER ROULADE  - Light vanilla sponge filled and decorated with summer fruits, berries, lemon curd & vanilla mascarpone cream

TIRAMISU BOWL - Layers of Savoiardi biscuits soaked in Baileys and espresso with whipped mascarpone cream, cocoa powder & chocolate curls. 

A divine French-inspired Xmas Buche De Noel with a gluten-free sponge filled with hazelnut chocolate mousse, covered in dark chocolate ganache & topped with praline hazelnuts. Gluten-Free.  Please Note: this dessert is ONLY available to order for Xmas Eve: if you select this dessert before Xmas Eve we will call to arrange for another dessert for your event.  


A selection of 40 bite-sized pieces of delicious sweet treats including our famous Fudge, Mini XMAS Tarts, White Chocolate Rocky Road, Vegan Raw Bliss Balls, and bite-sized slices including our Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate-dipped Strawberries, fresh cherries plus other wonderful treats from our bakers.

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