Level 3 FAQ'S

 Why are there 2 menus?

One menu is for "Curbside Pickup" from our flagship store at 172 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn or from "Goodside" at our Smales Farm store. Orders can be ordered & picked up on the same day with a minimum of 15 min turnaround.

The other is for "Delivery" to your home in Auckland only. Please do not try & order from both menus "the system wont let you" - just choose one menu for an order.

Are the menus very different?

A little, but not really that much  - no coffees and smoothies on the delivery menu & a few other thing that don't travel well and no cakes on the pick up as they require at least 2 days notice. 

Can I order a cake and pick it up still ? 

Yes of course please ring us at Ripe to do this 3606159 ext 1

Is the food served hot ? 

No sorry all our food is served cold for you to reheat at your own convenience.

When can I expect my deliveries

Choose a time slot for the delivery. We will knock or text you to let you know your food has been delivered. 

How do I collect my food at Curbside pickup ? 

We will have your food ready at the time you have said you are picking up. We will call your name first and place it on a table outside Ripe with your name on it. We will text you if you are not there to get it as you can't hear your name being called.

For Smales farm store there is a table outside and a curbside parking slot outside our main window. Text if you would like it bought to your car 021 199 5975

What if I have an issue with arriving for curbside pick up time i.e running late? 

Text us on the Curbside Pickup Mobile  021 578235 for Grey Lynn or for Goodside, Smales Farm 021 1995975 to let us know. 

When will you make my coffees ?

Just before or just after your time slot depending how busy we are.

Do I need to be home to receive my order ? 

Ideally yes as the food is ether fresh or frozen and needs to go into the fridge or freezer.

What if I want cancel or change my order ?

Please call us on 09 3606159 and press ext 1or 2 to do so.

What if I am not happy with my order

Please call us on 09 3606159 ext 1or 2 and we will try to fix the issue ASAP.

Can I make a suggestion for your menu of a ripe product I like ?

YES of course ! Email us info@ripedeli.co.nz

Please be patient with us and kind as this is all new to us. We are trying the best we can to bring you Ripe goodness . Thank you for your support.



Delivery Info For Catering

Our 'Delivery System' uses your post code to work out the cost of delivery.

The Rates & Zones Are:

Local Area  - $15 -  Grey Lynn & Ponsonby - Postcodes 1021, 1011

Zone 1  $25 The CBD - Postcode 1010 - due to the terrible traffic congestion in the CBD please be kind & patient with our drivers, we cannot control the traffic - it is in your best interest to select a delivery time that is at least 35 minutes earlier than when you are planning on serving the food  & let us know if there is a loading bay or park we can use to unload the catering.

Zone 2  $25 - Postcodes 1022,1023,1024,1025,1026, 1050,1051,1052

Zone 3  $35 - Postcodes 0600, 0602, 0618, 0614, 0610, 0612, 1041, 1042, 1061, 1060, 1072, 1071, 2010, 2012, 2014, 0604, 0626, 0627, 0622, 0624, 0642, 0620, 0630, 0629, 0632, 0645, 0641

Please Note: these are the only areas we are delivering to at present. If you are further afield and your postcode is not listed, please give us a call and ask to speak to our Catering manager as we may be able to help by arranging a courier for you - 09 3606159

There is a minimum spend of $60 for any delivery.

If your address postcode doesn't match any of the above you will see an error message when you go to pay that will look like this....


To solve this issue ring us and let us know that you are not in our delivery zones and we will either offer to book you a driver/courier with the applicable charges. Or you can make an order from the 'Curbside Pickup Menu' instead and come collect your order from us.